The Institute of Security Technologies “MORATEX” conducts specialized R&D projects and scientific research in the field of broadly understood security technologies for services and citizens. Their expertise includes solutions for uniforms and personal and infrastructure protection (e.g., ballistic protection) through the creation of advanced materials development, risk management and simulations, and medical devices used in security.


MORATEX leads the tasks related to Data Management Plans (DMP) and security considerations of UTILE-generated technologies and data. They also oversee regulatory, standardization, and procurement processes and requirements.

Moreover, in technical work packages, MORATEX participates in activities related to the collection, sorting, defect inspection, and data generation for UHMWPE, leading the development of a novel defibration process for UHMWPE panels and collaborating with NOCTUO to develop recycled UHMWPE filament for 3D printing and in the development of elements/parts/accessories for SPE made from composites with recycled UHMWPE.