UTILE Project Kick-Off in Turin

Setting the Course for Circular Innovation!

We are excited to share the news of the UTILE projects’ Kick-Off Meeting in Turin in 18th – 19th January 2024.

The energy and commitment from all the partners involved set the stage for a successful journey toward #circularity in Soldier Personal Protection Equipment (#SPE).

During the meeting, all partners were able to share their insights, thoughts, and goals on how to drive circular innovation in the defense sector and contribute to the achievement of all UTILE goals.

Here are the Key Features of the project that were discussed during the KoM:

CircularStrategies: new technologies and innovative materials to recover and reuse soldier personal protection equipment.

DigitalPlatform: an AI-based Decision Support System and blockchain tech for traceability, circularity, environmental and cost-benefit analysis.

Join us on this exciting journey towards circular innovation in defense!